Waffles came to us when she presented at Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Services with severe anemia, lethargy, and bloody discharge. After she was surrendered by her owner, we stepped up to take her in to start the medical care that she needed. She received blood transfusions and had surgery on January 21st. They found that she has a pyometra, an infection of the uterus. It was successfully removed and she has recovered incredibly well!

She loves to cuddle – like, a lot. She’s the best couch buddy anyone could ask for! Waffles gets excited by two things in life: food and people. When she’s not snuggled up on the couch, she loves to go for walks. Her foster dad said she must have been a sled dog in a past life because she can really motor when out on her daily walk.


Age: 6 years old
Kids: Yep!
Dogs: Possibly! She requests meeting any potential dog siblings before she decides if she wants to live with them forever or not.
Cats: Probably not, but, maybe?

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