This girl came to us after spending many months at the shelter, struggling with some weird skin stuff. After working with our vets, it’s been determined that she has environmental allergies that causes skin flare ups, but now that we know that, we can manage it!

Bri is currently living with her foster dad and doing great! She house-trained, will snuggle when you want, and loves going to work. She might not be able to help you loosen tough bolts, but she’ll happily hang out in the back of the car you’re working on to keep you company.

She does well on walks, but does get a bit excited when she sees birds, squirrels, or other dogs. She’s had some okay dog interactions, but we think she would do best being the only dog in the home. Overtime, she might be able to make a few friends, but for now, she’s the Queen.

Age: 4.5 years old
Kids: Yep, she loves ’em.
Dogs: We think she could eventually be okay around other dogs, but would prefer to be the only dog at home.
Cats: No thanks!

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