Hospice Care

We are lucky enough to have foster families that provide hospice care for elderly animals that may have terminal illnesses or need unique or costly end-of-life care. We cover all veterinary expenses and living costs while these special fosters live out their lives safely in a loving foster home.

This program relies on the financial support of our community. In most cases, our hospice foster dogs require special diet food, pain medication, and other medicines for eye, ear, and dental issues.

​Thank you for helping us save them.

Our Seniors



Loaf entered our care in December 2017 after being found in a hoarding situation. He was diagnosed with Hermangiosarcoma, a cancer the vascular endothelium, or the blood vessel walls. It most commonly affects the spleen and heart, but non-visceral forms also affect the skin. Loaf also had deteriorating discs in his spine that affected his mobility. Although Loaf had a number of medical issues, he got three awesome golden years with his foster family.

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Betty was surrendered to a rural Pittsburgh shelter in January 2020 when her owner was moving and couldn’t take her with them. Our friends could tell that Betty had some serious health issues, so they called us to see if she could enter our Hospice Program. After visiting our veterinarian, we found out that Betty’s chest was full of cancer. We weren’t sure how long she had, but she surprised us by enjoying over a year with her foster family.

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Gertie was transferred to our care from a local Pittsburgh shelter in October 2018. They diagnosed this sweet 11 year old with heart failure, unfortunately making her ineligible for a ‘normal’ adoption through their shelter. She got the most love a dog could ask her with her foster family for over two years.