We can’t even begin to explain how special Duffy is. He was found with a noose around his neck and taken to a local shelter. After a few weeks there, it became clear that he needed more specialized attention than the shelter could offer. It took time for the staff to get the noose off his neck, and understandably so, he was incredibly unsure of collars, leashes, and harnesses, which made caring for him in a shelter difficult. We knew that we could build Duffy’s confidence in a foster home with Biggies! After 6 months, we finally gained his trust enough to slip a collar on him! He has come a long way since he came to us in September 2019, but he still has some learning to do & some confidence to gain.

Duffy is looking for a very special family. A home with experience with fearful dogs and that is willing to go slow with him and let him continue to learn to trust on his own time would be best for our boy. He would prefer his new home not be an overly busy one with people constantly in and out while he’s working on his shyness of new people.

He loves love, he will snuggle up once he’s warmed up to you, which doesn’t take long at all with a handful of treats. His foster family reports that he loves to sleep in bed later than any dog they’ve ever known. He’s not the type of dog to wake up up early for breakfast or to go outside. He’s only got two speeds: cuddly love-bug or Olympic zoomie sprinter. Once he gets in a few laps around the yard, he’s right back to wanting to snuggle up next to you!

Duffy is very, very food motivated, which makes him an excellent trainee! While he loves food, he has never counter-surfed or begged for food. He will even make sure to let you know that he knows not to beg while you’re eating. He’ll sit at your feet with his back to you and just occasionally peek back at you with his most endearing eyes.

He needs a home with a fenced in yard because although he can successfully put a leash on, he’s still unsure of the idea at walking in the real world idea and feels safest in a yard of his own. His fosters have been working on building his confidence with a harness, so his forever home needs to be committed to continuing to work on his harness and leash skills.

Duffy is working on gaining confidence and security in a home setting. He is crate trained – and even happily goes into his crate on his own – but, he doesn’t like to be left alone. He’s showing signs that he making positive improvements, so he’d love a family who can be forgiving as he works to be more comfortable alone.

This sweet big block headed baby is just looking for someone to give him a chance and to understand his past was an unpleasant one. We promise if you give him a chance, he’ll be your very best friend.

Duffy requires a fenced in yard. Due to his history, he is still working on getting comfortable with leashes and harnesses. 

Duffy comes with lifetime training through Biggies Bullies!

Age: 5.5 years old
Kids: 16+
Dogs: I’d prefer all your attention is on me!
Cats: No thanks!

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