This happy goof ball found himself as a stray in the South Hills, and when no one claimed in, we snagged him! For the past few months, Deluca has been living with his foster dad and learning all about what it’s like to be a spoiled Biggies pup!

He’s crate trained, and mostly house broken…sometimes he’s just so dang happy to see you..that well, your foot might get hit. Deluca is a bouncy boy and although a big sweetheart, he’s not sure of his size so we’re suggesting kids 12 and up!

Since he’s still a bit of a puppy, he’s working on his manners. He would do best with someone who is willing to continue working on his training.

He’s very excited around other dogs and looking for a friend that can match his play style but he’s a very easy going pup and doesn’t mind being king of his own castle!


Age: 1 .5 years old
Kids: I’m working on my manners, so 12+ up!
Dogs: I prefer to live as the only dog, but don’t mind making dog friends outside the home.
Cats: No thanks!

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