This super handsome dude loves to love! Branson is your typical young block head – lots of energy and just wants love.

He previously lived with another dog in foster and enjoyed playing – but Branson is high energy so he’d do best with a dog who can match his play energy! His absolute favorite game is fetch. This dude can play for HOURS with his ball.

Branson does incredibly well in his crate. He eats breakfast in his crate most days and his foster mom can even be upstairs getting ready or working from home and Branson will politely wait in his crate. He’s a quiet dude who will only bark if something is seriously wrong- the last time he barked, a stranger was on his foster mom’s porch!

While Branson still needs to learn the basics of young dude skills, we’ve never met a sweeter guy. He takes treats extra gently, and loves to snug up close when he’s tired from his busy days.

Age: 4 years old
Kids: I’m working on my not jumping on humans. I have no idea how giant I am, so kids 16+ please!
Dogs: Heck yes! I love to party. I love going to dog daycare, but please no small fluffy dogs.
Cats: No thanks!

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