Billy is that dog that everyone wishes for when they are looking to adopt – he loves people, is in love with other dogs, super smart, just the right size, house trained, loves to be right by your side but can also be left home alone with no problems.


This perfect dude followed a friend of a friend home…and when you have a friend who works with Biggies Bullies, you can pretty much bet that dog will earn his spot as a Biggies Bullies dog. Since being with his foster mom, Billy is up to date on all vaccinations, neutered, and has passed the standard shelter behavior test. Not only that, but this dude graduated from Humane Animal Rescue’s Bully Basics class too!


The only thing we’ve learned that Billy doesn’t like? Wearing sweaters.
Billy gives good cues and is the ultimate cuddler. He loves to thank you for coming home by sharing his belly and getting lots of pets. He likes to thank you for every meal by licking your face. Even better? He loves to sleep in!
Note: Billy is allergic to chicken.


Age: 2.5 years old
Kids: Sure!
Dogs: Heck yes!
Cats: Eh, not sure.

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