Ava is the sweetest, smartest little thing you’ll ever meet! Ava is currently living in a very busy neighborhood and looking for a new environment to help her anxiety. When Ava is in a calm quiet neighborhood, she’s a completely different dog!

She’s looking for a family who will continue to work with her as she adjusts to a new home. She’d love a fenced in yard and another dog to play with – she prefers dogs her size or bigger. She can play rough and does have high prey drive, so we recommend no small dogs or cats at this time while she works on her impulse control.

Ava doesn’t like to be crated, but based on some volunteer trials, she does well when left out with the house to herself.

She loves to learn and go on adventures. One of her favorite things is going for car rides and running errands with you!

Ava’s ideal fam would have a consistent routine lifestyle, a quiet neighborhood, and she would someone that worked from home!

Age: 2 years old
Kids: Possibly! I’d love to meet ’em to see!
Dogs: I do like to play, but can be a little rough so dogs my size or bigger!
Cats: No thanks!

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