While we’re waiting for Archie’s neuter, we’ve decided to start accepting applications for his adoption!
Archie joined the Biggies Bullies family back in May 2021. He came from a animal cruelty & neglect situation that our friends at Bark Nation saved him from when they (literally) cut him out of his filthy crate. His body score was only 0.5/10 and he was heartworm positive. But, that’s all behind him now!


This boy is the absolute sweetest! He’s a couch potato who loves to snuggle up as close to his human as he can get, preferably with a soft blanket. When he’s not cuddling, he enjoys car rides, going on walks and hikes, and playing with his (dog) foster sister, Delta. He also loves meeting new people out in the community, he’s been to a few breweries & Biggies events – he does awesome! A true pup of the people.


Archie is mostly housebroken. He understands that bathroom business is done outside, but since his foster mom works long hours, he’s not always able to hold it. So, he’s been pee pad trained for those long work days.


He’s a quick learner – he loves Kongs, slow feeders, and food puzzles! He’s eager to please so learning commands has been an easy task for him. We think he’d really enjoy further training classes.


Archie does have a visual impairment. We know he is not fully blind, but he does have limited vision – don’t worry, this doesn’t slow him down one bit.


Age: 2 years
Kids: 16+. This boy is all muscle!
Dogs: Absolutely. I love with a foster sister, Delta & we’re best friends.
​Cats: Yep! I currently live with foster cats.

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